Did you Sleep well last night?

#NewMeIn90 This has been a crazy few weeks I am finally getting back to finish strong and posting my #NewMeIn90

Baby Boomers do you sleep well?

I have been a very energetic person over the years, I have only been able to sleep 4-5 hours nightly. Why waste time sleeping?

How do I 😴 Sleep💤 now?

Now I sleep between 6-7 hours! Wondering where I lost 2 hours of sleep.

This in my nightly routine;

At bedtime I drink a cup of Coconut milk with a tablespoon of molasses (slows me down & quiets my mind & restless legs)

My husband drinks peppermint tea!

I take my Life 9, Essentialzyme, and detoxyme, I rub my belly with a drop of Digize (to improve digestion)

With my roller bottle of RutaVala I roll a drop under my nose and on my temples (to increase my length of sleep cycle)

Slowly Inhale 5 deep breaths of Roman Chamomile(to slow down my mind and soothe my blood pressure)

a drop of lavender and dream catcher on my pillow(to awaken my dreams & calm my body mind & spirit)

At bedtime I take my Life 9, Essentialzyme, detoxyme, I rub my belly with a drop of Digize (to improve digestion),

I place several drops of Melrose on my husband’s pillow to stop him from snoring! 💤 we Rub feet with Peppermint for a perfectly dreamy, wonderfully sound refreshing 6-7 hours of sleep!#NewMeIn90 #BabyBoomers #SleepWell #GratefulForYoungLiving #HealthyLivingWithOilyBlessings

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