Build your Immune System!

Are you afraid of what’s happening in the world? Then listen to this. Any of you who currently have a Premium Starter Kit or if you want to purchase one this is for YOU!

When I received my kit I was totally lost and unbeknownst to me and many others there is a second layer containing many goodies! These gals know what they are talking about. Here is a way to ward off the hazardous coronavirus, giving you the peace of mind needed for trying days. 

I am finding more and more uses the more research I do the more knowledge I obtain. Did you know essential oils have been around for centuries? YES, I did say centuries! 

Scientists found records of them in the Egyptian tombs, ancient tribes used them in their medicine bags. Jesus was given Frankincense and Myrrh. These are only an example of 2 OILS recorded in the Bible. 

Young Living Essential Oils Thieves was derived from a preventative to the bubonic plague! Only the morticians, embalmers and thieves survived! Why the thieves would steal the spices off of the dead, of course morticians and embalmers stayed healthy as their immune system fought off the deadliest virus known at that time. 

Isn’t it time we arm ourselves, boost our immune systems from the threats around us today.


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Healthy Living with Oily Blessings

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