Spring forward with Peace!


Is your life in trouble? Have you lost your peace? Let God’s Word reassure you today! He is our peace!

Have you ever experienced spring that arriving? No! Spring always follows winter. No matter how bad the winter is, no matter how long the winter feels Spring always arrives!

It’s spring we’re beginning to see an end to the darkest winter. Spring is bursting forth even in the cold snowy days. Life is like that even during the cold is darkest dreariest days God’s peace is there if we seek it!

The Bible tells us “To seek peace and pursue it.“ Think about seeking and pursuing, are not passive words. They are words of action. Search, attack and capture peace!

OK, so how do I seek peace? Read your Bible, pray, trust and speak what the Word tells us. The Bible tells us to trust in Jesus. He will fill our hearts with peace during the difficult times of tribulations! God says “Be still and know that I am God”

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