Do not Fear!!!

Do not fear!

Where does fear come from?

Fear does not come from the Lord! The Lord gives us peace of mind!

We must stand up to fear!


How do I do that when everything I see and hear is bombarding my mind with fear of the storm of what’s to come?

Today, we are in the midst of a storm, will we react like an eagle or a turkey? My grandmother used to tell us we have to bring in the turkeys during the rain because they would look up and drown by the rain as it falls from the sky.

However, an eagle when he senses a storm flies above to catch the upper air currents and sore with wind speed to a higher plane above the storm.

How do we rise above? We Trust the Lord! He has this storm in HIS control! To soar on the wings of Eagles to be uplifted with peace and calmness!

Jesus told the disciples when they were in the midst of a storm “do not be afraid!“

Jesus is telling us the same today! There is #AlwaysHope #HopeForTheHurting #DoNotBeAfraid #VictoryOverCoronavirus #SoarLikeAnEagle #HealthyLivingBodyMindAndSoul #HealthyLivingWithOilyBlessings

Do the worries of the day the storms of life pressurize you into feeling overwhelmed? Why not refresh your soul and direct your spirits with #Frankincense? Don’t freak out Frank out!

What if I could share a way for you to slay the dragon darkness during these stormy days with the strength of #Valor to send #StressAway from surrounding your daily routines? 

Today, We all are in need of a little bit of #PeaceAndCalming let me share some #Hope with you! Remember there is #AlwaysHope !

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