The Righteous will Flourish!

“But you have made me as strong as a wild ox. You have anointed me with the finest oil.”

Psalms 92:10 NLT

Did you know we are anointed? Yes, you can be too!

God has anointed me with his Holy Spirit! In addition, I love how the Bible connects the anointing with finest oil.

Every morning as begin I anoint my head with frankincense. As I read my Bible, as I pray, as I study God’s Word, as I write all that he is given to me I find I am more aware, more directed and grounded, less distracted to focus on praise, worship and my prayertime with the Lord. Praying for those God brings to my mind.

I love that the Lord’s promises are new every morning! He has promised the righteous to flourish like a palm tree.

Did you know palm trees only get stronger when they go through hurricanes? What hurricanes of life have you gone through?

Perhaps the hurricanes of life that we have gone through our to grow us to make us strong that we can flourish and bear fruit and yes even in our old age!

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