Have We Lost our Freedoms?


Valley of Dry Bones!

Has America become a Nation of Dry Bones?

May I ask some questions today?

Are we dry bones filled with fear?

Has the media imprisoned us with their ideals to be safe? Has fear reduced our ability to think for ourselves? How much longer must we be locked in our homes? If we are a society immersed in capitalism why are our businesses forced closed? Shall we continue in distancing, isolating ourselves from the healing touch of others?

Where has our freedom gone?

Are we a Nation who has traded freedom for fear, good for evil? Isn’t it time to reconnect flesh to bones? To be allowed to be nourished physically meeting together in restaurants? Isn’t it time that children be allowed to go back to school to be challenged mentally to think for themselves ?

Have we lost our Amendment Rights this Nation was established upon, Capitalism? Right to Freedom of the press and Free Speech? Right to a Fair and just Trial? Freedom to Assemble?Freedom of Religion? …. What’s next?

Have we become so complacent as individuals we have lost our courage to challenge authorities?

Why are videos being deleted and removed which are in opposition to “Acceptable Norm”?

Is censorship occurring to propagate propaganda?

Do we have the freedom to help and speak godly values without fear of being ridiculed?

Are we the FROG being BOILED alive by socialistic ideas?


It’s time to fight for our freedom once again, for us to rise up and become a whole nation once again to walk in UNITY not bipartisanship! FREEDOM for ALL

Pray our nation AWAKENS! Our bodies of dry bones take on flesh to touch one another! Our spirits inhale the breath of God! Our minds are released from fear to walk in FREEDOM! For we live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA the land of the FREE!

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