Restore my Strength!

Do you know how much God loves You?

Do you know God wants to restore your strength?

The Passion Translation says,

“Higher than the highest heavens— that’s how high your tender mercy extends! Greater than the grandeur of heaven above is the greatness of your loyal love, towering over all who fear you and bow down before you! Farther than from a sunrise to a sunset— that’s how far you’ve removed our guilt from us.” Psalms 103:11-12 TPT

Wow, His love for us is more than we can comprehend… Think about this! His love is grander than the heavens! God’s forgiveness is as far as the east is from the west! The East never meets the West!

All we have to do is to repent turning away from our sins, ask Jesus to forgive us as we forgive others, which leads us to Salvation! Salvation will restore our life, and bring healing to our body mind and soul! My Hope and strength have been restored. 

Lord, I pray for repentance for our land, Lord forgive us as a Nation how we must anger you at all of our idolatry! As we ask for your forgiveness I pray You would bring salvation to those who are lost, you promised restoration to those who fear you! Finally, Lord we pray for healing across this land! In Jesus Name. Amen

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