Are the chemicals we are using to keep us safe harmful to our future wellness?

I know Everyone is fearful and anxious to get back into real life! However we must use wisdom as a reentering society. Be cautious. Be wise! Be alert. Be smart.

Please BE AWARE of all the chemical used to keep you and your family safe! What are they doing to your body?

Each time you clean your hands absorb the chemicals in those cleaners. They are toxic to our bodies! We must be careful that our protection is not worse than the disease. I wonder, what the consequences will be from all the antiseptic, and cleaning supplies we are using? Do the research yourself.

Talk to me if you are interested in finding out more about that we do have alternatives! There is #AlwaysHope #HealthyLivingWithOilyBlessings #LivingToxicFree #HealthyLiving #ToxicFreeLife #AlternativeToxicFreeCleaner

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