Fear is a real emotion!



Fear has enslaved our hearts and minds today. Look what is happening in society! People have been afraid to go out of their homes because that’s what they’ve heard!

Now, People are reacting from fear and pent up anxiety! Hope is lost. What causes fear and what are the results?

That’s what am I talking about today. People have lost hope living in constant fear.

People reacting out of the fears which have turned into anger from the imprisonment of living in isolation for the last two months! Fear has turned to anger.

To understand what is happening we have to investigate.

What is fear? Fear is an intense emotional reaction induced by a perceived belief of a threatening danger, unwelcome circumstance resulting in anxiety and intense apprehension.

Fear is an imprisonment of our mind!

Fear is a debilitating emotional state of terror causing irrational beliefs and irrational thinking hindering person’s clarity of mind.

Fear transfers rational thinking to succumb to irrational ideas and another’s beliefs therefore actions are easily driven by the others.

How do we overcome the fear we are experiencing today? Where does fear come from?

The Bible says God did not give us a spirit of fear that’s where we must stand! It’s time to be strong have hope and allow Faith to conquer all our fears!

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