What Are YOU Afraid of?


Recently, I was asked.  “What are you afraid of ?“  That question has been circling my mind. “What am I afraid of? “ 

Today, there are so many circumstances to be afraid of. We seem to be living in a world of total disorder! Trials and tribulations, rioting and anarchy, sickness stopping life at every turn. The unrest, the anxiousness in the hearts and minds of society has stolen the peace hope and confidence of the good life. 

Peace has been usurped from our minds resulting in a surge of emotional outrage. Anger permeates young people’s ideology, anarchy and socialism are their answers! 

Why? There is no peace when fear is prevalent. Which leads me back to the question I started with “what am I afraid?” 

I am afraid we are becoming a society dominated by FEAR! 

Fear, is a most debilitating emotional state, causing anxiety, annihilating strength from our body, mind controlling, stealing our joy and peace, changing our mindset, hindering cognitive decision making. 

Fear is destroying the land I love! People live in fear of walking safely down the street. Fear now prohibiting communication, Fear eliminating faith. Fear preventing relationships. 

I refuse to allow another’s fear to steal my hope. I am making a choice Hope over Fear! Today I

Seize HOPE how about you? 

In this world there are many tribulations. The unrest, the anxiousness of heart, lack of peace can be restored! 

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