Help I Can’t Sleep!

Are you Sleeping? Are you awake during the night wondering why? What if God is waking us up to pray. I am beginning to understand the Holy Spirit awakens us to pray. Christians it is imperative that we pray for the USA. Listen to Laura Story In her song – Blessings she asks “what if I thousand sleepless nights or what it takes to know you are near? ”

Won’t you #StandFastAndPrayForTheUSA If you don’t know what to pray follow learn to pray the word of God! There is power in prayer. We are at war! The very basic freedoms are at stake! The left is out to usurp your freedoms to assemble together with fellow believers. Are you ready to become a Muslim Nation with no.Christian rights???? Joe Biden is canvassing Muslims to their support. Socialism or Freedom? Will evil win?

The Bible says the prayers of a righteous man avail it much. Don’t you think this world needs prayer today? The hurt, the anger, the isolation, the fear, the intimidation, And anxiety is at its highest levels ever. Won’t you pray with me today? There is #AlwaysHope this #ActivistGranny will #StandFastAndPrayForTheUSA won’t you join us! Intercessors everywhere are rising up for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces and powers of the air!

But GOD sent His Son Jesus! Through his sacrifice we have the victory over sin and death! The Victory is ours says the Lord! Join us and pray! There is #AlwaysHope this #ActivistGranny will #StandFastAndPrayForTheUSA

#DoNotGiveUp #ChestnutRidgeBaptistChurch #ClevelandHouseOfPrayer

What Essential Oils are good for Sleeping?

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