#MysteryMonday What Essential Oil is This?

It’s Mystery Monday … If you missed my Video last week #HealthyLivingWithOilyBlessings shared #HealthyLivingTips about how to improve your sleep! All of us #BabyBoomersStruggleWithSleep DO YOU? I don’t any more! #ImproveYourSleepStayHealthier

On another note, if you are interested I do have one of each in stock, I can order #SleepEssence and or #RutaVala for you Or you can check out this website Which is what my mystery oil was all about!!!. https://www.myyl.com/healthylivingwithoilyblessings#ewm/peaceful-sleep



I am working from home today so if you have any questions please give me a text jingle! May your day be blessed with a peaceful night of sleep!zzzzzzz ! ❤️

PS order your #ChristmasSpirit it is my favorite all YEAR round! https://www.myyl.com/healthylivingwithoilyblessings#ewm/get-ready-for-christmas


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