Do you need to #BoostYourBrainPower?

Do you remember the old adage “you are what you EAT!”

It is definitely true. Take this experiment with me, as I have done this too!

The experiment you are craving something sweet so you grab your favorite chocolate (Hershey Kisses or Hershey Almond Bar, I justify Almonds due to their healthy benefits) which causes you to crave something salty so you eat a bag of BBQ potato chips. Now, how do you feel? Lethargic, Sleepy what do you do? Go to Starbucks! Quick buzz…. and how do you feel? The next day I am tired so I start all over again. My mind is a blur. I ask myself what is wrong with me?

I am What I Ate! My mind is filled with JUNK-FOOD! no wonder I am not thinking clearly. Unclear thinking leads me to eating whatever comes my way!

We are a sugar and junk-food society, no wonder our kids have problems with test results in school and we as adults are having difficulty #BoostingOurBrainPower #Clarity but remember there is #alwaysHope for #BoostingOurBrainPower #CollegeStudentsBoostYourBrainPower

In Addition Sugar lowers your immune system we’re trying to stay healthy today and fight off every evil sickness. STOP eating sugar Build your #IMMUNITY

Oils For College

Essential Oils enhance Children’s ability to reset their thinking.

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