I love the Pureness of Snow!

This is Elyria! Not Mack Lake – Michigan it is not often we receive snow and you don’t. How about this? I love Ohio! Monday we were outside burning our raked leaves and branch pile. Awaking Tuesday to about 6 “ of snow finalizing with 14” Snow Storm on Tuesday Dig out, a few hours later repeat. Dig out again Wednesday afternoon! By Thursday it’s sunny, Friday we are walking outside and it’s 40! However it sure makes for a FAST week.

Thanks to everyone praying for my mom she is home and doing well!

Needing a nap now and then but why not? Who doesn’t need a nap now and then! After all, Power naps improve your #BrainPower.

MOM AND DAD (Shirley & Irv) Sending our LOVE FROM OHIO!

We will get through all this Coronavirus! #BeStrongAndCourageous, #BeStrong #DoNotGiveUp There is #AlwaysHope #SharingHopeAndHealthyLivingOneDropAtATime #HealthyLivingwithOilyBlessings #LoveTheSnow


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