Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas form the Dobsons #SharingHope


What is Hope? 

Christmas is Hope! 

Hope is waiting for God’s Promise.

Hope is Waiting, Hope is Longing, Hope is Standing 

Hope is Believing Jesus is coming!

Jesus was born so weak and mild. Miracles born in the heart of a child.

Standing in Faith God’s Promise revealed that Christmas Morn.

Jesus the Messiah, our Savior was born 

God’s Promises are true for me and for YOU! 

What is Hope? 

Jesus was Hope wrapped in swaddling clothes

Jesus came to heal the broken-hearted of all their woes. 

2020 a year of desperation, Crying out God with great intrepidations.

Our nation has faced problems of pandemic in epic proportions.

Families alone struggling through Isolation, distancing, fear, and anticipation.

Through desperation, perseverance, and endurance comes maturation.

What is Hope? 

We found Hope in returning to a simpler way of life reviving games to play,

Learning to trust, Standing in Faith over Fear, learning to obey, While learning to wait, we’ve learned how to pray!

Disappointments turn to discovery, strolling in a park, exploring the stars after dark.

A drive in the country with OUR French Press coffee cup and a picnic lunch

A sure way to overcome boredom & Nothing To Do with NO time crunch.  

What is Hope? 

A Sunrise beginning a brighter day, spotlighting a vivacious Christmas Fern thriving through winter it GROWS. 

Hiking, like life we’re searching for answers only God knows.

Devising a scavenger hunt to hike with our grands to explore the beauty of God’s glorious land. Hope is standing Standing in faith. Hope was discovering new opportunities, Taking and Teaching Healthy Living Classes Online 

Identifying ways Of #SharingHopeAndHealthyLivingOneDropAtATime. 

Our Journeys are different today more than ever before Creativity to search for something more to Explore! 

What is Hope?

Hope is the strength to face each day. Hope is expecting a better tomorrow. 

A year of loss, grief for husbands & fathers, uncles & brothers, 

sons & daughters, aunts & mothers, have filled our hearts with sorrow

Yet with Hope we’ve learned to cope. To practice the presence of Jesus. Open the present from God above 

 Making room for Him, turning our eyes to Him FOR Jesus is God’s gift of LOVE. 

Sharing a Song as we drove along! The Angels proclaimed Glory to God in the Highest

 What is Hope? Learning to Trust, Standing in Faith, depending on Jesus He is OUR HOPE!  

Merry Christmas sending you HOPE & a Song of CHEER 

For a BRIGHTER New Year!  

Pat & Laurel Dobson 

Christmas 2020


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