Mary and Joseph followed God’s Direction from the Angel escape to the desert. We don’t think of the desert as a safe place, however God often takes us to a desert place to grow USA and keep us in HIS Care.

Jesus the SON of GOD born of a woman came down to earth to live as the SON of MAN to endure all the same issues of life we live!

Mary and Joseph followed God’s commands and escaped into the desert.

Join us today as we search the Gospel of Luke and Matthew to Follow How Jesus Matured!

I will be sharing at 10:00 Live at #ChestnutRidgeBaptisChurch or on FACEBOOK LIVE LaurelCDobson

We have feed our bodies during this holiday season now Feed you Soul!

WE MISS YOU Join us today text a little hello ! There is #AlwaysHope #AlwaysHopeForABetterTomorrow #GiftOfTheMagi #JesusGrows #HealthyLivingBodyMindAndSoul #FeedYourSoul

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