Peace of God Will Transcend All Understanding!

Are You Looking for Blue SKY amidst the Stormy Sunset of 4 GREAT YEARS? The Freedom as we have known it is about to End! A Fraudulent Election USURPED with Consent from those WE VOTED into Congress and the House of Representatives. Now What?

As I was crying out to the Lord in agony I lamented “Lord, I feel as though I have been sucker punched in the gut evil is winning! NOW WHAT?

I was lead to Philippians 4:4-7 so today as an ACT of my WILL I WILL Rejoice in the Lord….Lord I rejoice that we have had 4 of the best economical years in history! I rejoice that God YOU are in CONTROL! I Rejoice Lord, you hear the cries of my Broken-Heart. I choose to respond with a gentle answer, not in anger.

I choose as an act of my WILL to not be anxious about anything happening in our world today. I WILL #StandFastAndPrayForTheUSA.

I WILL pray about everything through prayer and petition with ThanksgivingI WILL present my requests unto God who knows all circumstances, who knows how to calm our minds with His Peace. A peace that transcends all understanding.

It is the Peace that Surpasses ALL Understanding which WILL guard our Hearts and our Minds!

I WILL not give up” this #ActivistGranny WILL never give UP! I WILL continue to #StandFastAndPrayForTheUSA as we WILL need it more than ever as President Biden is confirmed. #IsThereAnyHope YES, there is #AlwaysHope #WhereIsPeace #WhereIsHope #PeaceOfGod #HopeInTheLord #IMustTrustGod #TrustGod This will #NeverGiveUp

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