Are You Grieving Over the Death Of A Nation? Grief is debilitating to our Body Mind & Soul How do I overcome the #DeathOfOurNation?

Are You Grieving Over the Death Of A Nation? Grief is debilitating to our Body Mind & Soul How do I overcome the #DeathOfOurNation?

Are you grieving over the #DeathOfOurNation as we once Knew? I am!!! BUT GOD is in Control!

I will trust Him. This #ActivistGranny will #NeverGiveUp

“In this world we will have tribulations But I have OVERCOME the World” Do you know who said this? Jesus!!! 

These are difficult days. Many are saddened and frightened by the events that have taken place. It seems not only is evil winning and boasting about it, accusations against Christians are increasing! These accusations are appalling. 

However, No longer am I offended as they made false accusations against my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ they even put HIM to Death on a Cross that I may have the Hope of Heaven.  SO, TODAY I FIX MY EYES not on what is seen but TO WHAT IS UNSEEN THE ETERNAL GLORY!  We must continue to #StandFastAndPrayFortheUSA Pray for our nation with me…..

Oh Lord, Our Nation is in desperate need of Peace, which only comes from you. Humility, to see ourselves as you see us. Lord I pray the Holy Spirit draw hearts to repentance sweeping across this land, Forgiveness to flood hearts, your saving Mercy and Grace  solidifying Salvation to the masses! Lord, use these events to open eyes and restore broken relationships across this land that Restoration resulting in a reuniting of ALL PEOPLES in our Nation. Finally Lord, only then can true Healing take place. 

Lord, I pray for our Nation, turn our eyes to the cross, while YOU hung on the CROSS you asked your Heavenly Father a question which I ask today! “Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing.” 

Lord Jesus, You died to forgive our sins. Thank you! MY HEART IS OVERWHELMED with such wickedness of the day  is why you died! Lord, I pray your Grace & Mercy would pour over this nation YOU LOVE, drawing all men unto you. We pray revival takes place. Bringing hearts to Repentance. Repentance leads to forgiveness to Salvation. Lord, use the Salvation of this nation to return men’s hearts to YOU. Flood this Free Nation with Grace and Mercy to overflow our land with Restoration uniting the USA once again. 

Lord, forgive me for justifying sin and not walking in love for my fellowman. Fill my heart with love and forgiveness that I may walk in your presence in the midst of so many enemies. Send down a balm of Gilead to anoint to heal our broken hearts. 

Lord, I pray YOU would open eyes of the blind to see this Nation as you do. America was #ForgedByFaith and it doesn’t matter if our history books deny it. You God, had a plan for this Nation to be the land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE! It seems we have given over those FREEDOMS or better said Lord our FREEDOMS have been Usurped! 

Lord, over these past few months I have prayed for your mercy to fall on this land to bring healing from this China Pandemic. Lord, will you bring judgement? I pray as Jesus DID …..

“Father Forgive them for they know not what they do!”

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