The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

I love my Young Living Rosemary Essential Oil. It has vastly become my right NOW Essential Oil! WHY?

  1. Clarity of Mind 

  2. Brain Fog

  3. Thought processing

  4. Stimulates the mind’s activity

  5. AntiViral

  6. Antidepressant

  7. Uplifting 

  8. Alleviate Constipation

  9. Reinvigorates Appetite

  10. May reduce hypertension  

Rosemary has been recommended by  Effect of aromatherapy on patients with Alzheimer’s disease – PubMed 

Furthermore suggests it as the Number 1 Brain Oil for clarity of mind, and thought processing emotional support!

In addition, it helps to calm your mind which in essence WILL calm your body. 

Subsequently, it has a wonderful side effect of being anti-viral!!!! 

But just in case don’t just take my Word but Check out Dr. Nicole Apelian Ph.D  Video she is an inspiration beyond belief Of Health and Wellness!  Survive to Thrive! 

Throwing natural healing plants in the garbage by mistake?

“Yup, many of the weeds that most people pull out and toss away have scientifically proven benefits!

For the last 28-years, I’ve made it my mission to unearth the BEST plants with natural healing properties…

Today I’m revealing everything I’ve discovered, including:”

👉The ‘forgotten’ plants & herbs found in most gardens that support healing

👉800+ powerful plants & natural remedies

👉2-4 pictures per plant for easy identification

👉Expert advice on growing, collecting, and preparing plants to harness their healing power

📗Grab a copy of The Lost Book Of Herbs Today📗

But just in case try this as well Check out Nicole’s Video she is an inspiration!

Why We Should Burn Bay Leaves 

👉 👈She was the focus of a previous blog. 

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