Where is Peace? Find Peace Body Mind And Soul

Where Is Peace? How can I find Peace during such dark and difficult days? Follow #HealthyLivingTips

What’s Next for America? Finding Counterpoints in America. We are Called to be Peacemakers! #StandFastAndPrayForTheUSA

We are to be peacemakers! Let’s move past this and begin to heal and protect our Freedoms! #WhatIsFreedom

May God fill your days with His love and power and peace! We must continue to #StandFastAndPrayForTheUSA let’s

Pray for healing and restoration in our land. For GOD’s TRUTH to be revealed.

There is #AlwaysHope Hopeforthehurting2017.Wordpress.com

Counterpoints in America https://youtu.be/oexUpMZw-N8

#WhatIsFreedom #WhatAreMusicCounterpoints #CounterpointsInTheBible This #ActivistGrannyIsPrayingForRestoration #Activistgranny.Wordpress.com

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