Healthy Living With Oily presents Emotions and Chemical Free Home.

This article presents the same sentiments Healthy Living With Oily Blessings believes our body is interconnected with our mind, and our soul!

Healthy Living With Oily Blessings presents “emotions and how to use our wonderful oils by the author of Chemical Free Home!

Written by Melissa Peopping…
“The source of all maladies is congestion. And the solution is circulation.”
-Florence Shinn
I stumbled across this, written almost 100 years ago. It really moved me because the author is talking about everything in life – not just the state of our physical bodies.

She’s talking about emotions, relationships, energy, career…everything. And the more you think about it, the more you will see the truth in her statement.
The natural state of the universe is free-flowing circulation. Look what happens to a body of water that becomes congested and stops flowing. It’s stagnant. It gets thick and murky. It quite literally becomes a very unhealthy ecosystem.

Look at emotions. If we are stuffing our emotions down, our energy becomes congested, and all sorts of problems begin. The solution is to get those emotions circulating to the nearest exit, and leaving the building!

ANY congestion of any kind will not bode well for you.

I want to talk to you about this month’s wonderful gifts from the vantage point of freeing congestion and getting your mind, body, and soul in the full flow of potential. As Gary often said, we give these oils marching orders. So emphatically declare your intent, and watch your life get into flow.
15ml essential oil
value $58.22
The Oil of Love & Trust
Geranium encourages the opening of the heart space so love may flow freely. If the emotional body feels congested with old grief and disappointments, Geranium opens channels to let it all go, and make space for newness to circulate.
• apply a drop or two directly over the heart and inhale slowly and deeply.
• apply over liver to help dissolve anger, frustration, and hate
• diffuse with bergamot during sleep to help dissolve excess anger and allow for a peaceful slumber
• add a drop to your conditioner, or hair oil to help fortify hair and remedy split ends
• a few drops each of geranium, and lemon in a base of olive oil helps to soothe baby’s cradle cap
• diffuse to help clear negative feelings, or energy from a room (during the 1600’s European gardeners would plant geraniums around their houses to keep evil spirits out)
5ml essential oil
value $50.33
The Oil of Calming
With it’s stabilizing and calming aroma, manuka is a perfect choice to help ease stress, and irritability while producing a sensual feeling of well-being.
• Add a few drops to an Epsom Salt Bath and envision the toxic emotions being ushered out.
• diffuse with a complementary floral and citrus to help calm oversensitive nerves, and emotions.
4 drops orange
3 drops geranium
1 drop manuka
• dilute with a carrier and apply directly to area of concern to calm dry, irritated skin
• add to your foaming facial wash to help promote well balanced skin
5ml essential oil
value $36.18
The Oil of Grounding
I have become quite passionate about the adrenal system over the years. This unsung hero keeps our lives going day in and day out…until it can’t anymore. We push our adrenals so much, by too often living in a state of fight, always grinding the gears of the car. A little-known use of Mastrante is its support of the adrenal system and ease our mind, and adrenals away from fight mode, and into flight where it naturally belongs.
• apply topically over the adrenals (follow the bottom of your rib cage to your back and one inch up from there you will find your adrenal glands) and also on the bottoms of your feet. Declare as you do so, “I live in a state of healthy, smooth, effortless circulation. And I am blessed to stand on Holy Ground. I am connected to a powerful earth, in a universe that is for me. All is well.”
• apply around ears, or abdomen to relieve nausea
• diffuse with a complimenting floral such as geranium, or lavender to help lift emotions to a higher level
• apply to bottom of feet to help promote overall relaxation, and grounding
15 ml essential oil
value $15.13
The Oil of Abundance
Orange releases the congestion of a scarcity mindset, replacing it with the beautifully circulating trust in the limitless supply of nature. Declare, the world is a FRUITFUL place.
• diffuse to help elevate emotional wellness
• add a few drops to your cleaning routine to help enhance and purify.
Melissa’s Wood Cleaner:
8 ounces sweet almond oil
4 capfuls thieves household cleaner
12 drops orange essential oil
Combine in spray bottle, shake well before each use.
Spray on surface and wipe clean with soft dry cloth
• enhance your water, and your mood at the same time! in a glass of water add: 4 drops orange, 4 drops frankincense and sip your way to brighter days
• diffuse to help eliminate a scarcity mindset and watch your dreams soar into abundance
TEA TREE (Melaleuca Alternifolia)
15ml essential oil
value $36.51
The Oil of Energetic Boundaries
Tea Tree clears energetic baggage and releases codependent and parasitic relationships.
Do you feel drained of life force and energy, but you’re not aware of the source of the energetic leaks? Melaleuca Alternifolia breaks the parasitic bonds and makes room for healthy new connections. Even if the said bonds are your own self-betrayal. (you are indeed the only problem you will ever have, and you’re the only solution Sweet Ones)
• diffuser cocktail for a beautiful mindset, and unparalleled clarity:
4 drops orange
2 drops geranium
1 drop tea tree
• add a few drops to your soapy dish water to make your glasses sparkle
• apply to stubborn baking dishes as an ultimate degreaser
• add a few drops to your foaming face wash for a cleanser fit for problematic blemish prone skin
As always, Young Living has carefully curated a collection fit for the time we are in. Explore January’s collection together as they should be and watch the world around you rise to meet your new mindset, and elevated harmony.
I promise you that using these oils together will get your mind, body, and soul in a gorgeous state of flow. Enjoy Sweet Ones!
• ORANGE ( with essential rewards order )
• TEA TREE (with essential rewards order )
• value $190.12
• ORANGE (with essential rewards order )
• TEA TREE (with essential rewards order )
• value $131.90
• ORANGE ( with essential rewards order )
• TEA TREE ( with essential rewards order )
• value $87.82

If you are interested in any of these oils they are all promotions from Young Living essential rewards #YoungLivingEssentialRewardsBenefits

I would encourage you today to start 2021 with a brand new focus. Get rid of all of the negative Emotions that have been stored up from a horrible 2020. Start this year fresh and clean you will have a healthier start to a New Year with a #HealthyLivingBodyMindAndSoul

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