How can I have Faith to Overcome?

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May Jesus arms of love Surround you! Jesus says I love you my precious child! ❤️

Are you anxious? Wondering is there any HOPE? Worried about the outcomes of our government decisions? Angry? Depressed? Why is Hope important? Hope lifts your heart. This time of year often leaves us SAD. Anybody out there besides me struggle with #SeasonalAffectiveDisorder

Music brings comfort that’s why I listen. I find my Bible is another source to refresh my soul. Even when it seems all Hope is gone! I will continue to stand in Faith! My hope comes from the Lord.

Did you know Joy comes in the morning? 🎶 Singing helps to soothe your soul! Music will lift your troubled heart! It does mine.

Just Praise Him! Certainly life is crazy 😝, yes there is rioting, unrest, anxiety arising attacking every aspect of life, BUT GOD will meet you right where you are.

There is #AlwaysHope #Hope #MusicToSootheYourSoul #HopeForTheHurting #HeTurnedMyMourningIntoDancingAgain #MyHopeComesFromTheLord #SeasonalAffectiveDisorder #SAD #LordHealMyEmotions #YouTurnMyWailingInToDancing #YouTurnMyMourningIntoDancingAgainYouLiftedMySorrows #HelpMeFindMySong #LostMySong #IWillPraiseMyGod #FaithToOvercomeFears#JoyComesInTheMorning #SharingHope

#MentalHealthMondaySAD #OvercomingSeasonalAffectiveDisorder

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