“Nothing is Worthwhile in Life unless you take Risks!” Denzel Washington

It’s #WellnessWednesday today I’m changing up my format today, I want you to hear other people’s opinions of why it’s important to keep our minds strong, focused, to never give up. Denzel suggests Failure comes when we stop taking risks, we must keep moving forward allowing our failures to lead us in the direction we are to go.

I want to share words form Denzel Washington “Nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks” Denzel discusses the reason we should #NeverGiveUp

Matthew McConaughey says “joy is not a choice it’s a response to some result, it’s a constant. Joy comes from doing what we are fashioned to do. ”

Both of these men are suggesting we have the power within us to become our very best. I know that with God’s help we have the power within us to become the best that we can be! Our goal is to identify what that “Risk” or “Joy” is for our specific life! No matter the how difficult the path is. #NeverGiveUp

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