How to Find Comfort through Grief.

Lent Day 32 – Peace, Be Still! The Comforter will Come!

Peace? Who has peace today? It Seems Peace has been stolen by pain and grief.

Hope in this Health Crisis? Are you crazy? Are you overwhelmed by fear, asking, “How can I have Peace during these trying days?”  Jesus died to prepare a place for us he promised to send the Comforter, the Holy Spirit to meet us right where we are at. 

Storms of life usurp our peace and our joy!!! The health crisis has filled people with fear. It’s time to reclaim the victory. 

This to shall pass! Just as Spring is emerging forcing the dreariness of winter to fade away. We will emerge stronger, vibrantly blossoming as we send our roots deeper into God’s Word. 

As we listen to a Spring storm raging beyond the window, the lightning bursting through the darkness of the night sky, and thunder cracks the silence, the Storm rages yet, if I concentrate listening intensely, I hear the birds begin to sing their spring songs. A Hope of what’s to come!

Did you know you could have hope and peace during the storm? 

Yes, think of this Jesus at the wheel of the boat overcoming the storms of life! He is saying to your heart be still, do not fear the ravaging health storm. Let me be your peace throughout the storm. I am sending the Holy Spirit to comfort you. There is Hope on the horizon! 

Just as a Spring thunderstorm spread nutrients into the soil from the nitrogen in the lightening so this trial WILL make US stronger! Prayers are continuing to be offered up to heaven. Family Units have undivided time to finally share together from Covid Isolation. Teenagers working together to rake leaves from winter revealing flourishing flowers hidden below. Families at home sharing meals together. 

Victory is coming! There is Hope on the horizon! 

I am praying for you! 

“ Lord Jesus fill the hearts & lives of family & friends with your comfort, peace, love, forgiveness, salvation, and joyous revival throughout our world! Lord, our peace can only come from your love as we trust in You as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 

Join me as I take this Journey of Hope for the next 8 days!

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