Did Jesus Really Give His Life that we may Live Abundantly?

Yes! Jesus gave His life for YOU!

Passion Week – Jesus last week with the disciples. He shared as much with them as possible for He knew HIS time was short. As we approach Easter I am so appreciative of my Catholic upbringing.

In those years I learned discipline I cherish today. I love how they recognize Lent! Not one year goes by when I am not reminded to fast to thank Jesus for ALL he did for us when he died on that cross on that first Good Friday! Jesus thank you for dying for our sins.

Remembering what Jesus did gives us the victory! Victory not only over sin and death but grief, & suffering, by his STRIPES we have health. He longs to give us a life of abundance full of His Mercy & Joy. For it is the Joy of the Lord that gives us strength!

Unfortunately, often we must endure the agony of loss, suffering as we watch others hurting, discouragement and times of despair as we watch evil win.

BUT GOD …. has a plan!

For perseverance builds character and strength. Strength from the Lord will restore our Joy!

Lord Jesus, Keep our minds focused on you! As we go through Passion Week make us aware of all YOU did and do for us! Thank you Jesus

Reading Isaiah 53 I am reminded of all that Jesus bore to save me from my own sin and shame! His suffering, the blood He shed, Jesus beaten beyond recognition suffered in agony to bring healing to us. The Word says by HIS stripes we are healed! His Death!

Gives us life! A life Eternal!

Lord Jesus, as we approach Good Friday & Easter your Resurrection help us to stop and truly remember we have Hope we can share! Today as people’s hearts are hurting turn their eyes to YOU.

LORD, use this time to cause people to begin to hear your Words! To know and come to the knowledge of You Jesus as their Lord & Savior! For by your precious blood 🩸 that you shed on the cross for us that we are healed

Jesus,, thank you so much for dying on the cross for me to bear all my grief, suffering, agony of our hearts that we might live with abundance of your peace your presence which fills our hearts with joy.

In Jesus name. Amen

Thank You Jesus! There is #AlwaysHope #PassionWeek #ThereIsAlwaysHope #AlwaysVictory #VictoryInJesus #VictoryOverGrief #AlwaysHope #Catholic #WhyMustWeEndureGrief #HopeForTheHurting hopeforthehurting2017.wordpress.com #LifeAbundant



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