What Essential Oils Should I take on Spring Break? Or any Vacation?

Essential Top 12 Travel Oils
• Thieves – antibacterial & Immune System support
• Frankincense – antibacterial calming grounding
• Peppermint, Wintergreen, lemon – nausea, digestion & headache rub carefully on temples.
• Copiabia, PanAway – Tired overused muscles
• Lavender- better sleep calming/soothing
• Stress Away, Peace & Calming anxiousness during car, bus train or air travel
• Citronella- keep away the pesky gnats, bugs & mosquitoes
• Tea Tree – anti-fungal bug bites, bumps, scratches, skin rashes• In addition, I would take a small YL hand sanitizer and a small packet of thieves cleaner to clean any touched surface! Take several packets of Young Living Wolfberry energy drinks Ningxia to fight off jet lag!

So whether you’re on safari through the Amazon rainforest or just trying to navigate busy streets, trains or airports remember to take your Young Living Essential Oils Travel with confidence!https://www.myyl.com/healthylivingwithoilyblessings#ewm/travel-with-confidence

Are you ready to travel with confidence once again then include Young Living Essential Oils in your travel plans! They are small but they are mighty! Most of these oils are in the signup kit. If you need anything else, I may have it. Or order it today https://yl.pe/b7vq

Enjoy your fun-filled Healthy Spring Vacations!



I have many Cash and Carry Essential Oils if you need it FAST!

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