Do you ever feel that evil is winning? Why are people rioting? Is there any hope?

In our world today when evil seems to be thriving we cannot give up. We must stand together in Hope of a better tomorrow! #StandFastAndPrayForTheUSA

We must continue to stand Cry out to the Lord, for peace and love and forgiveness to begin flowing in our nation once again.

The media has changed our thinking! It has changed how and what we look at life.

The Bible tells us we need to Trust in the Lord, to be still before the Lord and wait!

Yes, it seems evil is winning but We must entrust justice to God. Take heart trust in the Lord He holds your life in his hands.

Pray Today Lord, today we pray for our policemen and women. They sacrifice their lives every day to protect the citizens of the United States. Lord we pray that you would continue to raise them up we thank you for so many dedicated men and women who serve you on our police force.

Lord, we pray that you would be with each one of their families give them peace as they face difficult times.

Lord, we thank you that You are in control! You have placed police to protect us, cover them with your angels of protection.

When I find it difficult to be still I am finding this is the perfect blend to calm my spirits!! I even am using #Valor on my cat Jack! He has become a Scaredy Cat this has calmed him down to work outside with me! http://m.lfstps.com/NRJ7K/eHiL

There is #AlwaysHope #StandFastAndPrayForTheUSA #StandFastAndPrayForOurPolice #VictoryOverEvil #BeStillBeforeTheLord #DoNotFret #ActivistGrannyIsPraying #ActivistGranny #TrustInTheLord#HopeForTheHurting #SharingHopeAndHealthyLiving@gmail.com #HealthyLivingWithOilyBlessings #IsEvilWinning #PrayForOurPolice #WhyRiots #ForgivenessAndEntrustingJusticeToGod

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