How Can I Be Strong when I am Captivated By Fear?,9.niv

How can I be strong when I am captivated by Fear?

Did you know God commanded us to be STRONG and COURAGEOUS?

Do not be TERRIFIED! Do not be DISCOURAGED! Do not give up! Did you know Fear usurps HOPE?

Fear is blinding, imprisoning us fear steals our freedom. Fear snatches our strength! Fear can be overwhelming, devastating, hindering our future, causing us to loose HOPE, retaining us from the road God has planned for your lives.

I have found essential oils help release endorphins to overcome overwhelming and devastating feelings connected to fear. I am no longer enslaved to my fears! I have found a new freedom! I launch my day now with Hope over my heart

Would you like Victory over fear?

How about freedom to Believe again and Hope for a better tomorrow?

If you are Looking for Hope? Look no further, be determined to embark on your Journey of Hope.

There is #AlwaysHope #NeverGiveUp #BeStrongInTheLord #VictoryOverFear #BelieveAgain #HopeRestored #SearchingForHope #InSearchOfHope

Are you interested in finding ways to overcome your fear? Are you finally ready to break free from the prison of FEAR.

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