God’s beauty around Jerusalem – Sights Scents and the power of positive frequencies!

God’s beauty around Jerusalem – Sights Scents and the power of positive frequencies!

What are the power of negative thoughts on our body? Negative thoughts lower your frequency causing your body’s resistance to be reduced!

Did you know Young Living Essential Oils raise the frequency in our Body? Negative thought decrease our bodies frequency.

If you were like me I asked, What does that Mean????

Don’t just take my word, here is the scientific evidence based on Dr Lindsey Elmore why FREQUENCY in our BODY is crucial to better health!

I just read Psalm 23:5b it says “Lord you anoint my head with oil in my cup overflows!” The Bible used Essential Oils long before we knew about them…


It’s time for #OilsAndGems💎 on #ScienceSaturday!🤓

Today, we’ll be discussing Sight and Scent!👀👃


👉Rocks can be pretty; crystals can be stunning; colors, shapes, and the way the sun reflects through gems can be wonderous! Often they are used as a symbol or reminder.

👉People believe Gems, rocks, and crystals carry and emit energy and frequency. IT is TRUE!

👉 As a Christian I Trust in the Lord my God! He created the Rocks- scientifically each rock carries it’s own frequency.”

👉 Copper is a rock. Why do people wear copper bracelets to reduce pain? Keep reading to find the frequency of Copper.

👉”Gems are often used in the tech industry to carry frequency: quartz in watches, rubies in lasers, sapphires in satellites, and more.

👉Here is a great article about light, gems, and the foundation stones in New Jerusalem: http://www.christianevidence.net/2018/09/the-12-foundation-stones-in-new.html”


👉As we all know, essential oils work on a molecular level. They are aromatic, concentrated, potent, and contain varying constituents that are helpful to the body on both a physical and emotional level.

👉Essential oils have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance!

👉Essential oil frequencies range from 52-580 MHz.

👉 For perspective, a healthy human body ranges from 62-78 MHz, and disease begins below 60 MHz (cold/flu = 57-60 MHz, cancer = 42 MHz, Death = 25 MHz).

👉Essential oils with higher frequencies are great for emotional healing because they help dislodge past traumas for release.

👉Essential oils with lower frequencies have more effect on structural and physical changes, including cells, hormones, and bones as well as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. They help clear out toxins because toxins cannot thrive in a high frequency environment.

I know we’ve already talked about frequencies, but here is a little more info on the frequencies of foods:

👉Fresh Food/Herbs = 20-27 MHz

👉Dried Food/Herbs = 15-22 MHz

👉Canned/Processed Food = 0 MHz

👉Copper = 253 MHz

👉Gold = 316 MHz

What are the Positive and Negative effects on our actions?

👉Negative Thoughts = -12 MHz

👉Positive Thoughts = +10 MHz

👉Praying/Meditating = +15 MHz

👉Smelling Coffee = -8 MHz

👉Drinking Coffee = -14 MHz

👉Holding a Cigarette = -17 MHz

👉Smoking a Cigarette = -23 MHz

You can see how making wise choices in every aspect of your life can make a huge impact on your overall health and wellness!

Remember there is #AlwaysHope #HealthyLivingWithOilyBlessings

Essential Oils Increase the Body’s Frequency for Improved
Health and Wellness!

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