Have you lost your Joy? Your Hope? Your Strength. Do you know you can ask God for your hearts desires?

When we make God the utmost important aspect of our life we take delight in Him our pleasures of life will change.

As we align our thinking with God’s Word in our lives He Promise He will provide for us all we need. Suddenly our desires change we want what God desire the most for our lives.

What is it that you want in your life?

My desire is to complete the tasks God has asked me to do! I want to share with you how my JOY has returned to give me STRENGTH to face the day. My HOPE RESTORED That’s why I share Hope through the Bible! There is #AlwaysHope #PutYourHopeInGod #InSearchOfHope

Pray with me today!

Lord the desire of my heart is to share how I found my Hope Restored that I was able to Renew My Mind and Re-Energize My Body to find my strength once again! Thank You Lord!

Lord, the joy of the Lord is my strength! It’s your joy that changes our perspective in which we can walk in the joy and the hope of a better tomorrow during the midst of a storm today.

If you have practice with me today, and let me know how I can pray for you.

Remember There is #AlwaysHope #PutYourHopeInGod #ExpectGodToCompleteTheWork #HopeForTheHurting #JesusLifterOfMyBrokenHeart #HeRestoresMyTrust #ClearerVision #DependentOnGod # #HaveFaith #TrustInTheLord #ChestnutRidgeBaptistChurch #GodsPromisesAreTrue #Victory #HopeForTheHurting2017.WordPress.com There is #AlwaysHope #PutYourHopeInGod #ExpectGodToCompleteTheWork #HopeForTheHurting #JesusLifterOfMyBrokenHeart #HeRestoresMyTrust #ClearerVision #DependentOnGod # #HaveFaith #TrustInTheLord #ChestnutRidgeBaptistChurch #GodsPromisesAreTrue #Victory #HopeForTheHurting2017.WordPress.com

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