What is your Happy Day? Pondering Precious Moments!

What is your happy day? 

My Daughter’s Wedding was a HAPPY, HAPPY DAY!  They have filled our hearts with Joy! 

As I was pondering my 23,000 days How Could I choose which day was my “Happy Day” for my 30 Days Of Thanks? 

Often we lose sight of our happy days, our hope is lost, it’s time to Restore Hope and Renew our Minds. Refocus on pondering precious Happy moments of life. 

Occasionally, trials of life cloud our vision, darkening our days, dampening our spirits, depriving us of the energy to move forward. On my Journey of Hope I am learning to practice pondering precious moments every day to refocus on what is good! 

I realized every day is a precious memory. Every Day is a Happy Day.

Now is the time to be Thankful grasp!

Today….Right now, my Happy Day is remembering my daughter’s Wedding Anniversary. In a few minutes I will have 10,000 Reasons to be happy!!! Get my Paper and Pen….. follow me on my Journey of Hope!

  #30DaysOfThanks  #AlwaysHope #SoThankful #BlessedBeyondBelief #InSearchOfHope #GreatDayProtocol #Hope #Joy 

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