Does God Have a Plan for Me? YES. He has a plan especially designed for YOU.

God Has a Plan Especially for You!

Day 13 – Especially For You

30 Days of Thanks.

Never doubt God’s love for you! Even in the smallest of ways He shows His Amazing love for us. He will even remind us through nature!

One day I was feeling blue and looked into the sky to observe a heart shaped remainder of God’s love for me. Look closely for the heart shaped cloud once again His reminder is real!

His love is especially for you!!

May God’s Love Surround YOU and Lead you!

God Has a Plan Especially for You!

His love reaches the highest mountains and the lowest valley.

No matter what you are doing no matter where you are God’s love abounds for you. Never doubt God’s love, even in the lowest Valley God is there.

He has a plan especially for your life, thank God for his love and plan. He is waiting for us to follow Him in ALL we do.

God’s love is new every morning! Only His Love will last for eternity!

God’s Reminder to me was a small little heart but HE knew I needed to be encouraged, He know I needed to see a symbol of hope. His love Restored My Hope, Renewed My Mind and ReEnergized My Body. I was able to face another day.

If you are In Search Of Hope. Never Give Up. There is Always Hope! Watch for more to come.

Remember there is #AlwaysHope #NeverGiveUp #30DaysOfThanks. #InSearchOfHope Hope

Day 13 of 30 Days of Thanks.

Be sure to follow your Hope and Healthy Living Coach Laurel for your timely encouragement of HOPE.

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