Day 18 of 30 Days of Thanks – You Make me Laugh!

Day 18 of 30 Days of Thanks – You Make me Laugh!

Today is my husband’s birthday! He still makes me laugh. I am so blessed to have shared 44 years with this man! We’ve laughed and cried together! We’ve had our ups and downs as life presents for love is not one big thing ….. it’s a million little things that lift and encourage our Journey of Hope.

I like how we Dance!

When you find life gets too serious just laugh at the absurd. If you need help I found this so funny last year as school was beginning.

So lineup and enjoy the Journey to Hope. I found this man hilarious!

6 Feet Separation with line from Dollar Store!!!!

Who needs a little laughter?


Laughter is good medicine it lifts your spirits. Laugh a little today with Gerry Brooks, enjoy! 1412122758997314/?vh=e

Remember laughter is good medicine. There is always #AlwaysHope #NeverGiveUp #LaughterIsGoodMedicine #HopeCoach #JourneyOn #HopeAndHealthyLivingCoach

#JourneyOfHope #Hope #Joy

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