Day 22 of 30 Days Of Thanks – Music. Why Does Christmas Music Make us Feel better?

Day 22 of 30 Days of Thanks – Music 

Did you know music soothes your soul??  Why does Christmas Music make us feel better? It touches our souls! 

I am so thankful for music! 


When my girls were young we had praise music and children’s Bible songs all the time. Music changed the atmosphere of our home, bringing in a positive outlook throughout their childhood. 

I remember, when I was going through some difficult times it seemed as though my song was stolen. I didn’t sing, and my emotions went crazy. 

When I realized I had lost my song I had to re-assess what was going on in my mind. I began listening to music once again, at first annoyingly so not really feeling what the words were speaking. But through a matter of time music changed my life. 

Many years ago Pauline & Thomas Cain challenged me to sing one Christmas Eve service. And I’ve been singing during the worship ever SINCE. I AM SO BLESSED. Music brings joy back, music changed my life! 

 Music has #RestoredMyHope, #RenewedMyMind, it even has  #ReEnergizedMyBody

May the Joy of the Lord be your strength today! Listen to music and Allow Music soothes your Soul! 

Is it possible to have joy in the midst of trying and difficult days? Yes! Join me I have music for every occasion on

How? Music! Sing! Music changes your focus- look up there is #AlwaysHope to improve your thinking! 

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