Day 25 of 30 Days of Thanks – Cherishing Life

Day 25 of 30 Days of Thanks! Cherishing Life!

Give Thanks to the Lord! I look to the Lord for there comes my help!

He is Our Only HOPE!

Today I come with you, who are brokenhearted whose lives have been devastated by the loss of friends and family.

How do I say Happy Thanksgiving?

It’s because of God’s Mercy and Grace. I will stand! I will cherish precious moments of time spent together! I will treasure every precious memory of those I have lost! By My CHOICE I choose Thankfulness!

May God’s love fill your hearts today with His peace, His hope, and His love. Cherish every Moment with your Family and Friends.

Lord, Hold them in your arms of LOVE let them bask in your presence today! Fill them with a

My Final Sunset
by Laurel M Dobson

My Final Sunset

We’ve shared a final sunset here on earth

Now, I am rejoicing, singing of Jesus’ birth.

His birth, His life, and His death has given me Eternal Life!

In heaven there’s no pain, there’s no suffering, No Strife!

Only Rejoicing, Singing praises to the King of King!

Your suffering your morning will soon pass,

Cherishing my memory will make love last.

Hold to the hope of heaven! We will see each other again

For joy returns in the morning!

Laurel M Dobson

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