How are you Preparing for Christmas? Advent

Empty, Searching? Are you searching for more? Are You Longing to fill the Emptiness in your Soul?

Is there emptiness in your Soul a longing for something more? Every person at some point in their life cries out, “Is that all there is?”

Do you Long after God? Advent is Here! Advent a time of Waiting with Expectation for Immanuel to be born to arrive as the Savior of the World

To Long after God as the deer pants for the water is with all that is within us. Spend time searching for God during the next few weeks in preparation for the coming of Christ, the coming of Christmas!

If we remember our very life breath, our very essence, we need God. We need God in our life to live and breathe and have our being! Long after Him today just as the deer pants for the life sustaining water.

LORD, What is it that YOU want? A heart which longs for you! As we approach Advent Lord Prepare my Heart for your arrival. Forgive me Lord for my Distractions with the busyness of life’s duties.

Lord how I need your help to keep My mind, and my heart fixed on you! Just as the deer is ReEnergized by the stream of water, Lord I am Refreshed by your Living Water the Word of God.

Lord remind me to pray continually seeking YOU more than my very Breath, just as the deer pants for the life saving water teach my SOUL to LONG for your Presence in my LIFE!

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