Christmas is over now, “What will you do with Jesus?”

The Founder of Oberlin College, Charles Finley, once asked “What will you do with JESUS?”

Now that Christmas has come Jesus has arrived I will ask you the same question. “What will you do with JESUS?” In this coming new year?

Isn’t it Time to get back to church before it’s too late?

Christmas is over what will you do with Jesus? Are you feeling all alone? Hopeless? Broken because your hopes and dreams are dashed? Wondering if there’s anyone out there that even cares about you. There are many people who love you! We LOVE YOU! JESUS loves YOU!

Jesus loves you, He is waiting for you. Bask in His LOVE and sing and worship HIM in the company of other believers!

I want to encourage you come to Church! Enjoy the comfort of basking in God’s blessings of the TRUTH of Word taught in Sunday School or during and Worship Service. Prayer is the heartbeat of Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church bring your needs to HIM.

For many years the church has enjoyed the freedom to worship and celebrate congregating together in one place where love and affection are shared together. We bear one another’s burdens. Joining together to share our deepest needs in prayer with our sisters and brothers in Christ. Due to COVID churches are empty! When will we stop being comfortable staying home? Wondering why our lives are getting worse, our minds need to be Renewed?

Have you become comfortable sitting at home on Sunday morning? I would encourage you to get up and GO TO CHURCH!!!! Jesus Is waiting for you. He is here to heal your broken heart, to fulfill HIS promise

At Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church we believe the heartbeat of the church is Prayer. Join us today for Bible Study at 10:00am as we pray for each other, lay your burdens down at the feet of Jesus. Join us as we fellowship and worship together. 11:00 am

We are live for Bible Study at 10:00 on or

Remember there is #AlwaysHope #NeverGiveUp #HopeForTheHurting #ChestnutRidgeBaptistChurch #FellowshipTogether #DoNotGiveUpMeetingTogether #FreedomToWorship #JesusLovesYou

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