Why do BAD things Happen to GOOD people?

Why do bad things happen to good people? Maybe God has a plan. He taught Joseph to Believe, to Trust, to Hope, to Stand in Faith, to Love and Forgive, to Never Give Up.

How did Joseph reconcile his feelings toward his family who rejected and abandoned and sold him into slavery?

He turned to God in every horrible circumstance. He trusted God. He believed the promise, the dream God had given him! He never gave up! He clung to HOPE! Just as we must grasp HOPE and Stand on the promises God has Given to you. During His abandonment he trusted and followed God. Joseph learned how to forgive his Brothers! I love his attitude there is so much to learn from him.

Let’s recap all that Joseph went through; Joseph was sold into slavery at 17 abandoned by his brothers. Joseph was given honor and riches yet falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife, put into prison. Finally he was raised up once again. However being ostracized from his family his faithfulness was rewarded. God rectified the injustice bestowed on him, his circumstances to good! How long did it take let’s break it down.

God’s Promise came to for Joseph after many years! He was faithful WHERE God placed him no matter what. Family rejected him and threw him in a pit! He was sold into slavery at 17, Potiphar’s servant 11 years Egyptian palace, 2 yrs in Prison, 9 yrs Egyptian Palace brothers came for food, 2 more years finally he sees his Father again! Sold at 17 yrs. old restored to his family at 41 yrs old.

Through it all He was obedient and followed God no matter the circumstances.

Joseph knew he needed to love and forgive his brothers. His brothers needed to forgive him. His brothers lived in fear. They, themselves were imprisoned to their own sin.

Until we forgive we are bound with feelings that are destructive to own self, Body mind and Soul. Is it possible some pain and illnesses are a direct result of unforgiveness?

Joseph learned forgiveness while he was in prison. He learned how to trust the Lord. Joseph had to learn how to WAIT for his prayers to be answered, he longed for his family to be reunited with them once again. Joseph harbored no ill feelings against his family. Joseph found freedom in prison! Isn’t that incredible?

Forgiveness is freedom!

Lord Jesus, help us to learn to forgive no matter what the circumstances. In Ephesians you tell us to forgive as Christ forgave, on my own it’s difficult to forgive and yet with you God all things are possible!

Thank you Lord Jesus for your forgiveness. In Jesus Name Amen.

Lord thank you for the promises you have given me. If God has given you a promise #NeverGiveUp

There is #AlwaysHope I will #NeverGiveUp #Hope #ForgivenessIsFreedom #HopeForTheHurting ,#TrustInTheLord , #HowToForgive #TrustGod #AllThingsWorkForGood #Believe HopeForTheHurting2017.wordpress.com

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