Why So Downcast? Where can I find Hope?

Trust, faith, dependency, and expectancy of what’s to come. There is Always Hope! Have you lost your Hope today?

David lost his hope when his son Absalom died. It seemed his enemies had surrounded him. He was depressed, discouraged disheartened, broken-hearted and lost.

Have you ever felt like this? Questioning God with every fiber of your being?

David began to question himself.

 “Why so downcast O my soul?”

So often we like David ask “Why so downcast O my Soul?  

Yet, I love that David reprimands himself and as he cries out “why so downcast oh my soul?  Look at his response…. “Put your HOPE in God!” 

It’s the Holy Spirit that gives us  prescription glasses in which we can truly see clearly what path God has planned for our lives.

What a great focus for today to put our hope in God to stand in expectancy of what he is going to do in our lives. That God would give us clearer focus as in 20/20 vision. Expect a miracle of Hope!

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