Is This the Sun or the Moon?

Is this the Sun or the Moon? I would love to hear what you think ?

Lent Day 18 – Pondering Praise!

When was the last time you watched a sunrise? I believe God paints the sky morning and evening just to remind us of who He is! Praise God for a beautiful sunrise!

The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it!

Praise is so incredibly important in our lives. The longer I walk with the Lord the more my love for Jesus increases. The more my love increases the more I have learned to praise Him. In the joyful times and in the tearful times. Praise lifts our Spirits it wards off evil, it Restores our joy!

The more I know Jesus, I realize the more I need to praise God for who I am, I am the righteousness of God through Christ. I am a new creature!

I am changed! Praise changes my focus from self to God! Praise changes my heart. Praise corrects my attitude. Praise changes my attitude from negative to positive. Praise allows my heart to be open to hear God speak!

Oh Lord how I praise your Holy name! You are a wonderful God, creator of the universe.

Take time to praise God for He is so worthy of our praise!

Join me as I take this Journey of Hope for the next 40 days!

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