Are you Locked up in your House with Fear?

Are you Locked up in your House? Hiding in isolation not knowing how to overcome depression and hopelessness?

Be Strong in the Lord! Jesus says “Peace be WithYou!”

Did you know you are never alone? Jesus is always with You!

Did you ever wonder how the disciple felt after Jesus died?

Many of us feel intense emotions after a loved one dies. Our life is surrounded with disbelief, anger, disabling grief, depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. The disciples were too! We find them hiding behind LOCKED doors. Often our emotions lock us behind closed areas in our life. Jesus is with you even while you HIDE!

In John 21 Jesus has risen from the DEAD! He is ALIVE! He is longing to reassure his mother, his disciples, and closest friends even doubters, on several occasions he comes through their locked doors. To share PEACE!

Lord Jesus, I thank you that You are always with us! No matter where, no matter when, no matter how we are you stick closer than a brother.

How I have learned in my dark emotions even in loneliness to seek YOU first to be alone with YOU. I have fallen so in love with you Lord Jesus! I hear your voice in my heart saying

“I love you, my child “ “Peace be with You!”

There is #AlwaysHope #NeverGiveUp #HopeForTheHurting #PeaceBeWithYou


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