Wondering Will Winter ever leave my LIFE? Overwhelmed, waiting for Spring?

Floods of disappointments – Do you feel like you are in the winter of your life? ARE YOU WONDERING IF WINTER WILL END?Spring is Coming in Spite of the Cold!

The darkness is overwhelming, life as you knew it is frozen over. Disappointments cloud your dreams. Trees dormant through the winter refreshed and strengthen from their winter rest. The warmth of the sun burst open blossoms buried under snow. Suddenly the Clouds darken, lightning explodes, the sky thunder shudders as Spring Rains release a downpour, floods arrive to melting the frozen earth to bring forth new life.

However, floods leave a damaging path eroding away the very earth on which we stand. Our foundation of sand is swept away. All that is left is the Lord who is enthroned over the flood. He is our Strength! HE is our peace in the Storm.

The Lord is Enthroned in Heaven! He gives strength to His people; the Lord Blesses His people with Peace!

A morose afternoon, skies darken as the Light of Jesus Christ was put to death. Sorrow, agony and grief overcame Mary. Jesus’ mother must have been overcome as she watched her Son die! Jesus, the SON of GOD, her very own flesh, from her womb, Her SAVIOR, the Son Of God the Son of man. Was brutally murdered in front of her. How did she survive? Mary had to place ALL her HOPE in her LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

Jesus just a man? No HE is Holy and Righteous murdered before her eyes – Everything was stolen away from her! I know she was overwhelmed and flooded with such intense agony grief and totally distraught. She had to turn to GOD for HE is Faithful! His Love filled her heart. His Love is Always With us

There is only God’s LOVE above the LOVE a mother has for her child.

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