Are you Pondering Precious Moments as a Mom?

Pondering Precious Moments as a Mom?

Have you ever pondered about Mary who is often remembered as the Greatest Mother of God blessed with the honor of raising the Son of Man,

Son of God, Jesus?

Mary was filled with extremes. Blessed beyond measure the joy of raising the Son of God, however, the agony of watching Him die must have been excruciating! Grief from Death or rejection is often overwhelming especially on holidays.

Mother’s Day is the same. For some the joys are above and beyond, yet for others the agony of loss of their child is devastating!

Mothers, like Mary ponder the precious memories of their children in their heart no matter what.

A mother’s love never fails just as in 1 Cor 13

Lord thank you for our children! Thank you for the love of our mothers who never gave up on us. Who loved us through it all.

Today Lord, I pray for all the moms whose hearts are breaking from the loss of their child comfort them with your love and strength and peace. Lord, Help us to remember that with the beauty of the rose comes thorns!

Lord, Help us to ponder and remember the beauty! Pondering the precious memories with our children. For truly their lives have fill Our hearts with joy!

Lord thank you for children are a blessing from you! Bless our Sons and Daughters wherever they are on earth and if they’ve gone before us HUG them for us in Heaven!

In Jesus name Amen!

Remember not only Your Mom but all those who have lost their moms or children share a your love and blessings with them today.

Happy Mother’s Day

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