Now What do I do with my Young Living Essential Oils? How to USE Essential Oils!

I invested in all these oils NOW WHAT? How do I use essential oils? What are the benefits of Essential Oils? In the next few videos I will review the amazing benefits of Essential Oils to improve and support your overall wellness!

Young Living Essential Oils – Premium Starter Kit

Young Living: The Incredible Benefits of Young Living Essential Oils – Premium Starter Kit! 

Young Living Essential Oils – premium starter kit comes  with 12 Essential Oils in addition, NingXia, Thieves hand sanitizer, Thieves Cleaner, Thieves Spray, Roller Tops and a beautiful Diffuser to freshen your home. 

The purity of Young Living Essential Oils are therapeutic grade bringing support for your overall wellness restoring energy, peace, tranquility to uncertain times and hope to refresh all who enter your home body mind and soul! 

The pure natural therapeutic Essential Oils add a freshness of aromatherapy without toxic chemical fragrances of air fresheners while boosting you and your family’s wellness and lifestyle while sharing precious time alone. Essential Oils enhance your home,  they uplift wellness of all who enter your home, body, mind and soul. 

Why do I need Essential Oils? How will Essential Oils benefit me? While I suddenly have been forced to homeschool my children, we are isolated, alone, #BalancingEmotions working from home, now I am balancing 3 meals a day digestion is difficult, while trying to find peace during trying times while building up our stamina?  

Where do I Apply Essential Oils? Essential Oils are applied for Healthy Living Body, Mind and Soul,

Head, Hands,

Feet, and Heart, ears, and chest! Find out more book a class! With HopeCoachLaurel

Are you kidding? Is there hope? 

Yes, there is #AlwaysHope! #NeverGiveUp

Why not try #Digize

to soothe the tiger in your tummy! Be refreshed with a little drop of #Peppermint in your water 💦 

Why not boost your immune system lift your mood and energize your spirit with a little #Thieves and #LemonOil?  Apply  the #ThievesSpray  to protect and clean your home surfaces with #ThievesCleaner 

What if you could even jump start your children’s creative juices and direct their thinking with #CitrusFresh ?

Are you kidding, is there really hope for my frantic family? 

Yes, there is #AlwaysHope

What if there was a way to soothe you & your little ones to sleep with #Lavender

What if I could share a way for you to slay the dragon of darkness during these difficult days with the strength of #Valor to send #StressAway from surrounding your daily routines? 

Part 2

Diffuse #PeaceAndCalming to enhance a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

While you have your diffuser our don’t forget to reach for the #Raven  to remove raspiness and roughness  providing a comforting aroma and a breath of fresh air while you sleep! 

What if I were to tell you there’s a way to soothe and release the stress bound up in your muscles 💪 ? The worries and anxieties that we are faced with today cause havoc on our bodies, tightening every muscle group. Soothe and soften those muscles with #PanAway !

Do the worries of the day pressurize you into  feeling overwhelmed? Why not refresh your soul and direct your spirits with #Frankincense? Don’t freak out Frank out!

Today, We all are in need of a little bit of #PeaceAndCalming let me share some #Hope with you! Remember there is #AlwaysHope !

Gather with the Healthy Living Team today while Sharing Hope and Healthy Living – Body, Mind and Soul 💧 one drop at a time! 

Part 3 

#HealthyLivingWithOilyBlessing #AlwaysHope


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