What is Your Frequency?


Do you know what your Frequency is? Yes we each have a Megahertz number Spiritually and Physically!


What is your Frequency?

The number of frequency oscillation (or Movement) in someone’s life.

Beware the frequency of our life is supernatural we can attract good or evil.

Yes the Frequency of our inner spirit must be lined up with God! To Worship our God! The frequency of the worshiping Christian fight the witch doctors power.

Saul did things that drew in evil spirits! David was called in to sing and play the lyre. When we worship In the presence of God demons must flee!

Ps 63:1-4 your love is better than life my lips will praise you! Start your morning with worship and prayer.

When we align our frequency to God we fight warfare.

If we align our frequency to evil, evil will follow us.

Do you want good to follow all the days of your life Align with God, opens the flood gates of God’s honor and favor into your life.

1. Restore my hunger for you! Let me thirst after YOU, Lord restore our love

2. Lord allow your frequency into my life, and in my home drive away anything any evil spirit in our homes in your frequency in my life.

When Light shines the darkness must flee!

Lord MAY the frequency of my life a Spirit of Worship.

May any spirit against YOU be banished in the power of Jesus name!

WORSHIP raises our Spiritual Frequency!

Did you know each Young Living Essential Oils Carry a frequency as well? Young Living Essential Oils work to help raise the frequency of our physical body as well! Isn’t that totally amazing?

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