Unfailing Love is New Every Morning!

Did you know God’s Love is Unfailing?

Each new Sunrise He brightens our world! No matter what we may see or how we feel the sun is ALWAYS shining.

Unfortunately occasionally it’s behind the clouds. Just as times in our lives when we are hammered by storms of life it seems so dark, and yet above the clouds the sun light brilliantly burst against the deep blue horizon.

God’s love surrounds as just the sunlight does. May your focus be on His Majesty today.

My morning meditation starts with Young Living Essential Oils #Frankincense it keeps me focused and I am able to meditate on my bible without distractions. What an awesome way to start my day praising my God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Lord, you satisfy us every morning with your unfailing love. Thank you for surrounding & loving us so much!

May God’s love surround you just like the sun shines warming you with his presence.

There is #AlwaysHope #NeverGiveUp #GodsLove #GodsLoveSurroundsUsLikeASunrise#SunRise #AlwaysHopeForTheHurting #HopeForTheHurting



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