When will God Answer me? Dies God Hear the Cry of my Heart?

Does God hear our cries? Yes!!! Join me today on Facebook Live at 9:15 am

It’s a new morning. Did you ever wonder will the sun come up? No, ofcourse not!

We know each new morning brings a new day. We don’t go to bed wondering or anticipating what if it doesn’t happen we just know the sun will rise every morning.

So it is with God’s Word HE will answer us but we often have to wait!

Waiting is difficult, as we wait we can thank God He knows our hearts, He hears the cries of our brokenness.

We must stand and wait in hope! In Faith knowing God will answer our prayers!

Faith is the evidence (confidence) of things HOPED for the substance of things not seen. Therefore, we must have confidence to believe if we ask something in Faith in God’s will for us HE will answer our prayers! GOD HEARS our PRAYERS!

I encourage you today stand with confidence that God not only hears your prayers but the answer is coming!




There is #AlwaysHope #HopeForTheHurting


Psalms 38:15 LORD, I wait for you;

you will answer, Lord my God. | New International Version (NIV) | Download The Bible App Now

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