Leaf the Pain Behind!

It’s Wellness Wednesday! What to do after raking leaves everyday for s week?

This is what I use! The Active and Fit Kit

It’s Wellness Wednesday! What to do after raking leaves everyday for s week?

I use it soothe my tired muscles after exercising or shoveling my driveway. #ActiveAndFitKit is perfect to support any fitness regimen.

I love my active and fit kit I most often use it during fall just after raking leaves. OfCourse during winter it’s perfect for us after a strenuous snow shoveling experience. Spring there’s always spring planting. Turning the garden over. Summer enhances new experiences strenuous exercising or just enjoying the outdoors.

#ActiveAndFitKit includes a wonderful carry case with a carabiner to attach to your gym bag

• Cool Azul sport gel – Perfect cool down to sooth over exerted tenderness muscle fatigue and nerve issues.

• Deep Relief Is effective to soothe overworked muscle fatigue from overexertion

• R. C. Essential oil blend – Support your respiratory system especially during winter months. Inhale deeply for a refreshing clear breathe

• Thieves essential oil – Overall immune support

• Copaiba essential oil- 200 times more effective than ibuprofen perfect to add on top of any other oil to increase its Efficiency

• Peppermint vitality – Better concentration and energy

• In addition three roller filaments Perfect to roll on and Soothe you’re working muscles.


#WinterSurvival #ActiveandFitKit

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Watch for more to come……

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