Advent Day 8 Mary Committed Her Way to the Lord!

Advent Day 8

Mary Committed her way to the Lord! NOT an EASY choice!

Mary Travels in her nine month of pregnancy to a distant place. I bet she prayed hard. Why? Mary and Joseph were directed by the Roman law, to go to be counted in a census in their home town. So he left his home town Nazareth in Galilee and went to Bethlehem in Judaea.

Traveling in a car is difficult enough but on a DONKEY oh my!!!! Mary & Joseph followed God’s leading they must have had to speak this every morning.

Commit this day to the Lord. We are ask to Trust in You, Lord! Will we follow God’s leading in our life? Where will He direct us to go?

Lord, I thank you for Mary and Joseph to be our example to follow you to trust you, to stand in faith believing that you have your plan for their lives.

Lord, we thank you for how you love us daily no matter where we are in life. Help us, help me to listen more.

To put aside our pride, our plans our hopes and desires to release to You our Lord! We submit to doing your will! Your Word says as we walk in your way Trusting you, You will bless us! Thank You Lord Jesus!

Remember there is #AlwaysHope #NeverGiveUp #Advent


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