God’s Promises Shining!

Look what I found today!!!!! The Sun is shining! God is so faithful. His Promises are true. Although often HIS PROMISES feel as though they are behind the clouds, just like the Sun, it’s always shining above the clouds. Gods promises are true! Even though we don’t see the evidence of them the promises are there just like the sun behind the clouds.

Brilliance of the sun shining reminds me of God’s Glory. A glimpse of GLORY comes when I slow down to bask in HIS presence. The incredible, Indescribable God and His glory is here for us to experience. It’s then we realize we will experience His greatest promise – Jesus Christ came to earth. Born as a baby to die as a man for the sins of the world.

As we settle in After Christmas may your lives continued to be filled with God’s lingering presence. May the twinkling lights we see glimmering be a reminder that Jesus is the Light of the world. There is #AlwaysHope #NeverGiveUp #SharingHopeAndHealthyLiving #HealthyLivingWithOilyBlessings


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